Star Trek N Computer Geeks


What if Data Ran Windows98?

WORF: Captain, there are three Romulan warships uncloaking dead ahead.
PICARD: On screen. [The main viewing screen changes to a pattern of
horizontal lines, each only a single pixel wide.]
PICARD: Data, what's wrong here?
DATA: Captain, the main viewscreen does not have sufficient video
memory to display an image of this size. May I suggest that you select
a lower resolution?
PICARD: Make it so. [The screen blanks, and then an image appears,
with big, blocky square pixels. Three objects appear in the center,
which could be Romulan warbirds, but which actually look more like the
aliens in Space Invaders.]
PICARD: Data, open a hailing channel to the Romulans.
DATA: Aye, sir. [Data picks up an hourglass from the floor beside him,
turns it over, and places it on the console in front of him. He
punches some buttons on the console and sits motionless for several
seconds. A flash of light blossoms from one of the Romulan ships on
the viewscreen.]
WORF: Incoming plasma torpedo, Captain!
PICARD: Shields up!
DATA: I'm sorry, Captain, but I am still attempting to complete your
last instruction. I must ask you to wait until I have finished before
you issue your next command.
PICARD: What on earth do you mean? Data, this is *important*! I want
those shields up *right now.*
DATA: I'm sorry, Captain, but I am still attempting to complete your
last instruction. I must ask you to wait until I have finished before
you issue your next command.
LAFORGE: Allow me, captain. [to Data] Control-alt-delete, Data. [Data
removes the hourglass from the console, and returns it to the floor.]
DATA: The Romulans are not responding to my hails. Press my nose to
cancel and return to Windows. Pull my left ear to close this
communications channel which is not responding. You will lose any
information sent by the Romulans. [LaForge pulls Data's left ear.]
PICARD: Shields... [There is a tremendous explosion. The bridge shakes
violently, and all the crew members are thrown to the floor. A shower
of sparks erupts from Wesley Crusher's station at the helm, throwing
Wesley back away from the console.]
PICARD: Up, Data!
DATA: Aye, sir.
RIKER: All decks, damage report!
WORF: Captain, Ensign Crusher is injured. He appears to be
unconscious. [Data picks up the hourglass again, places it on his
console, and punches some more buttons. He waits a few seconds, then
puts the hourglass back on the floor.]
DATA: Shields are now up, captain.
PICARD: And not a moment too soon. Worf, lock all phasers on the lead
Romulan ship.
WORF: Aye, sir. [He punches buttons on the weapons console.]
PICARD: Mr. Data, take the helm, and prepare for evasive action.
DATA: I am sorry, sir, but I do not have the proper device driver
installed for that console.
PICARD: Well, damn it, install the right one.
DATA: Please insert Setup Implant #1 in my right nostril.
PICARD: Number One, where do we keep Data's setup implants?
RIKER: I left them with Geordi.
LAFORGE: What!!? I thought you still had them!
PICARD: Data, don't you have device drivers stored in your internal
DATA: Not found, sir. Please insert Setup Implant #1 in my right
PICARD: Data, I don't *have* Setup Implant #1.
DATA: Not ready reading right nostril. Abort, Retry, Fail?
PICARD: Abort!
DATA: Not ready reading right nostril. Abort, Retry, Fail?
PICARD: Well, fail, then!
DATA: Current nose is no longer valid. [Data walks over to the helm,
and presses several buttons. The ship lurches, the images of the
Romulan warships suddenly shift to one side of the viewscreen, and a
high-pitched whining noise is heard coming from somewhere else in the
LAFORGE: [alarmed] Data, what the hell are you doing?
PICARD: Number One, do we have a customer service number for Data?
RIKER: Yes sir, but last time I tried to call them, I got put on hold
for two hours before I was able to talk to anyone. And that person
wasn't knowledgeable about androids of Data's model. She specialized
in industrial control robots. [Suddenly, the lights all go out, the
viewscreen goes blank, and all the usual noise of fans, motors, and so
on whines to a halt. After a few seconds, the red emergency lights
come on. Data is standing by the console, absolutely motionless.]
PICARD: What's going on?
LAFORGE: [checking the helm console] Lieutenant Data has caused a
General Protection Violation in the warp engine core.
PICARD: These androids look really sharp, but you can't really do
anything with them. [The shimmer of the transporter effect appears,
and six Romulans in full battle dress materialize on the bridge. A
seventh figure, a Ferengi, appears moments later.]
FERENGI: [with a mercenary grin] Can I interest you in a Macintosh,

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