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"Ahmad" in Greek Greek
"Ahmad" in Farsi Farsi
I was on your website and noticed your name in different languages so I'm sending you an Armenian one. -- Serina Vartanian Armenian
"Ahmad" in Hieroglyphes Hieroglyphes
"Ahmad" in Hindi (Nepalese?) - Thanks to Smriti Gurung Hindi
"Ahmad" in Chinese Thanks to Jenny Chinese
"Ahmad" in Old Persian Cuneiform (Mikhi) Old_Persian_Cuneiform
"Ahmad" in Grade 1 Braille Braille
"Ahmad" in Japanese (Thanks to Kevin Akiyama) Japanese
I send Kanji character for your name. You can see 3 Kanji character when you open the file. First 2 character means "flax" , last character means "effort". Pronunciation is "A-MA-DO". These Kanji character is very simple, and it is easy to read this character by Japanese. Thanks, Kevin Kanji
"Ahmad", the way Egyptians write it! Hieroglyphes_2
"Ahmad" in Thai Thai
"Ahmad" in Cyrillic (Russian)
Alexander : Your name in Russian is Ахмад, not амад.
"Ahmad" in ASL Fingerspelling ASL