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Rat in Year 2002
This will be a so-so year for you Rat people. It maybe better stay low
and keep things the way it is. I know this does not sound that exciting,
but the truth is, it is not so bad to keep things the way it is, isn't
it? In the year of Horse, patience and caution should be your motto,
think once, twice and even three times before you act.
Meanwhile, watch out for those so-called friends, one might betray you
and take away what should have been yours. However, for those lack of
Fire element, the year of Horse will be a smooth and lucky year. The
Chinese believe that the Horse is born to race and travel, therefore,
for those who are away from home; this will be a good year for you too.
Since silence isn't Rat people's strongest suit, think, before you
speak, cause impulsive words can be as dangerous as knife and might
cause you troubles. In matter of personal finance, hold onto you money
in the bank the best you can, cause you have the potential to lose money
this year. Therefore, invest wisely and cautiously, sometimes, what
looks like a great investment opportunity can possibly turn into a deep
money pit.
January is the month for travel and changes, but avoid going to funerals
and visiting patients at the hospital if you can. March is the month for
romance and partnership. For Rat men, May is the month to watch out,
stay way from temptation and seduction from the opposite sex, and look
out for eye injury. Drive carefully in September. December will be your
lucky month for romance and money.

RAT Characteristics

Rat people are born under the sign of charm and aggressiveness. They are
expressive and can be talkative sometimes. They like to go to parties and
spend quite sometimes chatting with their friends. Although the Rat can be
quiet sometime, it is rare to catch a Rat sitting quietly.
Rat people usually have more acquaintances than real friends and they
revere and cherish those close to them. Once you become their real
friends, they will treat you as their family. Rats are self-contained and
keep problems to themselves. And even though they can be talkative
sometimes, they never confide in anyone.

Sometimes mean, narrow-minded and suburban in outlook, Rat people are
nevertheless honest. They can always make a success of their lives as long
as they manage to master their perpetual discontent and their insistence
on living for the present moment.

The Rat is quick-witted. Most rats get more accomplished in 24 hours than
the rest of us do in as many days. They are confident and usually have
good instinct. Stubborn as they are, they prefer to live by their own
rules rather others. It won't be an easy task to work with Rat people,
why? Simple, because they are also 100% perfectionists.

They are very organized and talented, perhaps that is why the Rat makes a
good businessman or politician. Unfortunately, as soon as the Rat earns
money, he spends it. Maybe that explains why the Rat is so careful when he
lends money to others. If you ever borrow money from the Rat, don't be
surprised by the high-interests.
The Rat is not romantic, but he is sensual and loving. Rat people could be
hard to see through at first glance, because they are also very
protective, but even though they are not easy but they are worth it - ask
anyone who has a Rat for a lover, parent, child or friend. They are very
loyal and devoting to their families.

(1 - least compatible, 100 - most compatible)
with Rat81 - A very good match.
Ox88 - A stable and peaceful relationship.
Tiger70 - In order to success, both must endure.
Rabbit47 - Not advised, they should stay away from each other.
Dragon95 - One of the best-arranged unions.
Snake67 - Better be friends than lovers.
Horse29 - No, no, no.
Goat56 - Probably not.
Monkey90 - It'll be a fun and loving relationship.
Rooster66 - Steamy, yes, but not lasting.
Dog72 - Why not?
Pig81 - This can work. They admire each other.


OX In Year 2002
This year will be singing the tune for you hard-working diligent Oxens.
Things will be going your way, so if you grasp the opportunity when you
see one and work hard, you will have your own business or the career
you've been dreaming of for years.
Although the year of Horse will be a good year in general, health maybe
a concern for you. Cut down your alcohol and be kind to your own body.
Avoid overwork, take plenty of rest and try to eat healthily and
exercise regularly.
And if you plan to invest, invest cautiously and wisely, and do not
listen to any so-called "inside tips" from your acquaintances, trust
your instinct mainly and avoid risky investment. Also, watch carefully
with your stuffs and beware of theft when you are in a crowd.
Some great news will cheer you up in January. Don't listen to rumors and
false information in March. If you are in a stable relationship, wedding
bell is heading your way in April. If you are waiting for the right one
to show up, go to parties and social events in July and keep your eyes
wide opened for your destiny. Watch out when you drive in August and
October will be a month of changes.

OX Charateristics

Ox people are hard-working and persistent, they can stick at a task longer
and go at it harder than anybody. They believe in themselves and tend to
classify almost everything into two basic categories, bad and good. They
hold up their high standards as a model and severely judge those who don't
aspire to maintain these same ideals.
Ox people are not social or party animals, they tend to be quiet when in a
party. Although appears to be tranquil, in fact, Oxens are ponderous but
impulsive when angry. They are capable of fearsome rages, therefore, it is
better not to cross an Oxen.

Ox people are observant, they have remarkable memories and are good at
reporting on absolutely everything they observe. Go ask an Oxen if he
remembers who were at the party 8 months ago, most likely, he will name
them one by one to you.
In the home, the Ox is a great guy to have around. In business, the OX can
succeed in the arts, a contracting business, or an estate., thanks to
their creative nature. And since an Ox is intelligent and good at his
hands, he can be a good surgeon as well.

Ox people are stubborn and dogmatic, they believe in their decision and
will never regret. They are also very close to their families.
disappointedly, Oxens often find that those who are close to them fail to
understand them. Nevertheless, they are patient, and caring and that makes
the Oxen the best friend you can ever have.
Oxens are very responsible and loyal. Ox people are seldom jealous. but
they will be jealous of their rights; and the fidelity of a husband or a
wife is one of their rights. They are very family-oriented, conservative
and faithful.

(1 - least compatible, 100 - most compatible)
with Rat88 - A stable and steady relationship
Ox72 - Conservative! Mutually protect & provide
Tiger33 - Almost impossible to make it work.
Rabbit72 - This could work.
Dragon52 - Don't, two of you will fight constantly.
Snake85 - This union can be a good one.
Horse37 - Unfortunately, they are part.
Goat56 - Probably not.
Monkey81 - Nice. They are compatible and stable.
Rooster86 - You are lucky enough to find each other.
Dog62 - Difficult, but possible.
Pig69 - why not, it worths a try.


TIGER In Year 2002

The year of Horse will be a good year in general. Luck is on your side;
especially on that lack of Fire element, so go get some lottery tickets,
and you might get lucky. ^_^ However, don't pack your bags and retire to
Hawaii yet, cause if you work hard enough, this will be a good year for
your career and finance as well.
After years of hardworking, you social status and reputation will be on
the rise, and for those ambitious Tigers, you might just get the
opportunity to move to the power circle on the top, or being transferred
to the headquarter in a foreign country.
However, be cautious in many ways. Pay more attention to your so-called
friends, there are some calculated minds that will try to tempt you with
traps. Think once, twice and even three times before you act, and
remember to mind your own business, cause one of your friends may bring
troubles or even lawsuits to your way.
Health alert in January and watch out for betrayal from friends, you'd
be surprised how quickly they forgot your kindness and friendship and
turn their backs on you. Romance is in the air in February. It is better
to refrain yourself from visiting the sick or attending funerals in
March. You will get some help from your mother's side of the family in
June. And watch the road when you drive and beware of cut injury in
September. Your best months are February, July, September and December.

TIGER Characteristics

"Born leader" is the key word for the Tigers. They are always in the lead
and are most likely the ones to cry out "Let's Go"! Noble and Fearless,
Tigers are respected for their courage, even from those working against
Tiger people are daring fighters, they are capable of standing up to the
better end for what they think is right. Although they could be selfish
from time to time in the little things, they are capable of great
generosity. Tigers are unpredictable, always tense. and like to be in a

Tiger people are difficult to resist, for they are magnetic characters and
their natural air of authority confers a certain prestige on them. They
are tempestuous yet calm, warm-hearted yet fearsome, courageous in the
face of danger yet yielding and soft in mysterious, unexpected places.

Tigers are very confident, perhaps too confident sometimes. Although they
love adventures, and are addicted to excitement it is better not to
challenge a Tiger's confidence. They likes being obeyed and not the other
way around.

Because Tigers are urgent people and always in a hurry to get things done
right, they usually choose to operate alone. Tigers like to work, they are
hard-working and dynamic. If you assign a task to a Tiger, the job will be
undertaken and accomplished with enthusiasm and efficiency. Tigers make
money, but they are not directly interested in money. Still, the Tiger
needs not worry about money: just when he fears the money is gone, more
seems to show up.
Tigers are sensitive, emotional. They are capable of great love, but they
become too intense about it. They are also territorial and possessive, if
you are a friend of a Tiger, he wants you to take his side against the bad
guys and because the Tiger is so adorable, you often do. As lovers, Tigers
are passionate and romantic, but the real challenge for the Tiger is to
grasp the true meaning of moderation.

(1 - least compatible, 100 - most compatible)
Rat65 - In order to success, both must endure.
Ox33 - Almost impossible to make it work.
Tiger52 - Two tigers?! Not recommended.
Rabbit46 - Difficult. Possible convenience marriage
Dragon76 - Despite minor difficulties, it's good for marriage.
Snake69 - Difficult to see what they could see in each other.
Horse86 - Why not, they have lots in commons.
Goat24 - One of the worst combinations.
Monkey81 - These two make eager loves.
Rooster55 - Not a balanced relationship.
Dog89 - Good! A balanced and harmonic relationship.
Pig79 - They are very different, but this will work.


RABBIT In Year 2002

This will be a great year for female Rabbit but a so-so year for Rabbit
Men. In general, there will be something to celebrate in the family,
such as weddings or victories. And although there are some challenges
and problems occasionally, luckily, you will always find someone to help
you out.
For those lack of Fire elements, expect a smooth ride all year long. As
for Water Rabbit, this will be a good year for your business and
investment, so get ready to smile your way to the bank and watch the
balance increases. Nevertheless, this won't be a carefree year. Choose
your friends with caution and try to cut off the tie between you and
that old love that never learns to let you go. Stay away from alcohol
and temptations, you'll be happy that you do.
January is the month to be cautious. Watch out for quarrels and try to
mind your own business. February will be a good month for your finance
and business. Although changes are waiting for you in April, it might be
better to stay put and wait for the next opportunity. Stay alert in
October, and go to weddings if you can to bring you good luck. Your best
months are June, September and November.

RABBIT Characteristics

The rabbit is one of the most delicate animals among all 12 animals.
Rabbits are usually kind and sweet and of course, popular people. Nobody
ignores them, for they are good company and know how to make the best of
A rabbit's home is always a beautiful one cause Rabbit people are famous
for their artistic sense and good taste. They are also usually
well-dressed. Go check out your Rabbit friend's closet, I bet you will
find many expensive and beautiful clothing there.

But even though they are popular and loved by their friends and family,
rabbit people are also pessimistic. They are conservative and insecure,
and that explains why most of the them don't like changes.

Calm as they are, it is not easy to provoke Rabbit people. They don't like
to argue and enjoy quiet, peaceful lives. They are also sentimental and
compassionate. Yes, and they cry easily too. They can be moved by personal
problems you share with them. Therefore, if you work as a salesman for a
living, you will have much better luck with rabbit people - Nine out of
Ten Rabbit people will definitely buy your products!

Call them cautious or call them timid, rabbit people will undertake
nothing before they have weighed the pros and cons from every angle. And
that is probably why rabbit people are doing well in their work. And yet,
unless they abandon their conservative nature, and become more aggressive,
they will probably live a very normal, and average life.
They can be great partners in relationships. Romantic and sweet, faithful
too, rabbit people never lack of suitors. . Male rabbits are sometimes
picky, and perhaps not a family man. And female rabbits should probably
spend less time admiring themselves in front of the mirror and spend more
time with friends.

(1 - least compatible, 100 - most compatible)
with Rat32 - Not compatible.
Ox67 - This could work.
Tiger46 - Difficult. Possible convenience marriage
Rabbit71 - Why not? As long as they have loads of $$$.
Dragon85 - Good team.
Snake61 - Think again.
Horse52 - Why not just be friends?
Goat82 - Nice couple.
Monkey73 - Amusing.
Rooster55 - Well, maybe not.
Dog77 - Fine, as long as they keep it cool.
Pig91 - Good, very good and everything will be fine.


DRAGON In Year 2002

It might be better to keep a low profile this year. Things might not be
going the ways as you wish and your life might be busier and more
chaotic than you expect. You must refrain yourself from visiting the
sick or attending funerals. What you need most this year is good vibes
from happy occasions.
Therefore, be sure to attend as many weddings as you can. Best of all,
if you have weddings in the family, it will certainly bring you joys and
good fortune all year long and turn this year to a better year for you.
But don't worry, even if you don't have weddings in the family, just do
some charity or volunteer works to help the needed will bring you good
luck too.
Also, though there are some obstacles waiting for you to overcome, with
your born luck and charm, whenever a problem surfaces, someone will show
up to assist you and resolve the issue for you.
January is the month for changes. You will be either traveling to
foreign countries or moving to a new home. Pay more attention on the
road in March and be careful when choosing your new friends. Avoid
visiting the sick or attending funerals in May. August will be a good
month for lovers. Your best months are January, August, October and

DRAGON Characteristics

As the noble animal symbol that represents the Chinese emperors, Dragons
are born leaders and masters of ceremonies. And because of this, every
Chinese parent is hoping to have a Dragon child. Dragon people get things
started and keep them moving. They are feisty and gifted with power and
luck. Most people look up to the Dragon.
Dragons are born monarchs. As far as they can see, their power is
indisputable. Dragons are idealists, perfectionists, they are born
thinking they are perfect and they are inflexible. Dragons are also
aggressive and determined, going after what they want is second nature to
them. And due to their hunger for power, Dragons are not well suited to
growing old. The prospect of losing power, the helpless feeling of
youthful strength ebbing away is unbearable to them.

Irritable and stubborn, the Dragon is a real big mouth and his words often
outrun his thoughts. Nevertheless, his opinions are worth listening to and
his advice is always good. People do, in fact, listen to him and his
influence is considerable. The Dragon is over-proud. He is enthusiastic to
the point of impetuosity, and he loses his temper easily.

Dragons are dauntless, dynamic and delightful. When a Dragon enters a
gathering, the room starts to simmer. The Dragon carries a self-assurance
so impressive, and inflated ego so visible and a mouth so loud that it is
useless to try to tell him anything.
Dragons are tyrannical. They hate orders except when they are giving them.
Unlike the Tiger, who imposes his will seriously and firmly, the Ox, whose
authority is implied in his very stern demeanor, or the Rat, who thrusts
his dominion over others, the Dragon knows innately how to exert authority
yet be gentle with his slaves. Dragons are terrible snobs. Although money
is not always the object, they are slavishly impressed by wealth,
prestige, rank and splendor.

The Dragon is gifted, intelligent, tenacious, willing and generous. He can
do anything. No matter whether the Dragon chooses an artistic career,
medical or political one, he is going to shine in it. He will be a success
wherever he goes.
The Dragon is often loved. He is never disappointed in love. In fact, he
is frequently the cause of some drama of despair. The women of this sign
are surrounded by admirers and often demanded in marriage.

(1 - least compatible, 100 - most compatible)
with Rat95 - One of the best-arranged unions.
Ox48 - Don't, two of you will fight constantly.
Tiger76 - Despite minor difficulties, it's good for marriage.
Rabbit85 - Good team.
Dragon34 - They'll always compete against each other.
Snake63 - This might work.
Horse57 - Love at first sight, but will go downhill.
Goat74 - A sound and stable relationship.
Monkey82 - Despite the differences, they'll do just fine.
Rooster72 - Balanced but not passionate.
Dog55 - With reservation. The dog might suffer.
Pig87 - An excellent match.


SNAKE In Year 2002

For Snake People, year 2002, the year of Horse will be a better year for
you than last year. You will feel better about yourself and more
energetic this year. The Sun is on your sign this year. Finance and
romance are both looking good, and career is on the rise as well.
For those lack of Fire element, keep smiling, cause this will be
especially a great year for you. Be prepared for a year of smooth ride.
If you are in a relationship, get ready to say "I do" and yes, you are
going to the chapel soon. If you are happily single, make sure to look
your best all the time and go to parties and social events whenever you
can; you will meet that "special one" soon.
January will be a lucky month for you business. Money will be slowing
in. Stay alert and be cautious in February, this will keep you away from
unnecessary problems. March is a great month for you, and is it wedding
bell that I hear? If you are restless driver, watch out when you are on
the road in April. Also stay alert when using a knife and with possible
betrayal from friends. May is good for your romance. If you have been
planning to expand your business or start a partnership, August might be
a good tie to do so. Your best months are March, May, August and

SNAKE Characteristics

Snakes have always been the seducers of human beings. If you know the
story of "The White Snake", you will understand what I mean. In reality,
Snake people are born charming and popular. Snakes are spotlight magnets,
and they will not be ignored. Peer group attention and public recognition
are the least of what he expects. Yet Snakes are never noisy or
deliberately outspoken, and they have have excellent manners.
Unlike the Snake who seduced Eve in to sin. the astrological Snake, is not
a devil, not even a little demon. The Snake is a nice oversexed normal
human being. Determined to follow through anything he undertakes to the
bitter end, the Snake detests being left in the air. He makes his
decisions quickly and firmly.

Most people are secretly or hopelessly in love with Snakes. Gather those
frustrated folk you know and most likely, they are probably in love with a
Snake. Irresistible as they seem, the Snake never wastes time in idle
gossip. He thinks often and deeply. He is an intellectual, a philosophers,
a cerebral person. Snake people rely heavily on first impressions, on
their own feelings, on their sympathies, rather than on facts, on the
advice and opinions on others. He seems to have a kind of sixth sense in
this way.

Snakes are a bit tight when it comes to lending money, though his sympathy
for others often leads him to offer help. The fatal flaw in his character
is, in fact, a tendency to exaggerate - in helping friends as with
everything else. If he does somebody a favor, he becomes possessive
towards them in an odd way.
Another big flaw in a Snake's character is that, they are capable of
biggie lies. White lies, true lies, whatever they call them, though they
don't lie often, they do lie when they feel they can get away from it.

In money matters, the Snake has good luck: he doesn't have to worry -
he'll always be able to lay his hand on money when he needs it. Generally,
Snakes are careful but generous with friends and family. The Snake should
stick to careers that won't involve him in any risk - even the risk of
working too hard, for to tell the truth, the Snake is a bit lazy.
In love, the Snake male is romantic and charming. He has a sense of humor
and the female is usually beautiful and successful. but if a Snake chooses
a partner, he'll be jealous and possessive - even if he no longer loves
her. Rejection is the worst blow his delicate ego can suffer. The Snake
must be received, welcomed, accepted and approved by those with whom he
comes in contact. They need a lot of security.

(1 - least compatible, 100 - most compatible)
with Rat67 - Better be friends than lovers.
Ox85 - This union can be a good one.
Tiger67 - Difficult to see what they could see in each other.
Rabbit61 - Think again.
Dragon63 - This might work.
Snake51 - Complicated drama, better avoid.
Horse75 - These two are strongly attracted to each other.
Goat69 - This might work.
Monkey57 - Perhaps, it depends on the monkey.
Rooster90 - A love connection, Omens favorable.
Dog67 - This could work.
Pig45 - The Pig can never please the Snake.


HORSE In Year 2002

I know you waited 12 years to be your own year - the year of Horse,
however, I will suggest you to keep a low profile this year, and perhaps
keeping things the way it is will be a smart move. Try to eat healthily
and exercise regularly, this is the year you should pay more attention
to you and your family's health.
Finance will be moderate this year, and it is wise to research extensive
before you invest or expand your business. And don't forget to look out
when you are making new friends. Sometimes it is better to have few good
friends than a bunch of acquaintance - you never know which one will
betray you or stab you in the back.
Watch out to those so-called friends in January. It is also a good year
for partnerships and romance. Better yet, the romantic mood will be
carried over to February, and may even bring wedding bells to your door.
Be careful when you are on the road in March. Try to go to weddings, as
this may bring you good vibes and get rid of your bad luck. There may be
changes or travels waiting for you in July, you will be exhausted, so
it's better avoid visiting patients and attending funerals. You will
start a new relationship in August. Your best months are February, June,
August and October.

HORSE Characteristics

Horse people are active and energetic. They got plenty of sex-appeal and
know how to dress. Horses love to be in the crowd, maybe that is why they
can usually be seen in such occasions like concerts, theaters, meetings,
sporting occasions, and of course, parties.
The horse is very quick-witted and is right in there with you before you
have had the chance to finish what you are saying: he's on to the thought
in your mind even before you've expressed it. In general, the Horse is
gifted. But in truth he is really more cunning than intelligent - and he
knows that. That is probably why, most of the horse people lack

Chinese believe that because horses are born to race or travel, all Horse
people invariably leave home young. The Horse despises being pressured to
act for the good of the group or made to feel guilty. No matter how
integrated he seems to be, a Horse's inner self remains powerfully
rebellious. Although they have boundless energy and ambition, Horses have
a hard time belonging.

The Horse is hot-blooded, hot-headed and impatient. He is a bit of an
egoist, well, selfish sometimes, that it is rare for him to interest
himself in any problems except his own. And though this egoist works only
for himself and for his own success, his work nevertheless benefits

The Horse is a worker, adepts at handling money and a good financier. But
unfortunately, he is also famous for suddenly losing interest on
something. In his relationship with opposite sex, the Horse is weak. He
will give up everything for love.
Being born a Horse, there are many contradictions in his character. Horses
are proud yet sweet-natured, arrogant yet oddly modest in their approach
to love, envious but tolerant, conceited yet humble. They want to belong,
yet they are burdened by their need for independence. They need love and
crave intimacy yet often feel cornered, pressured. But the truth is, the
Horse is an individual, who depends only on his wits and his labor to get
what he wants.

(1 - least compatible, 100 - most compatible)
with Rat29 - No, no, no.
Ox37 - Unfortunately, they will part.
Tiger86 - Good, they have lots in common.
Rabbit52 - Why not just be friends?
Dragon63 - Steamy, but will not last.
Snake78 - These two are strongly attracted to each other.
Horse70 - Better hide your egoism.
Goat82 - Good, they won't bore each other.
Monkey31 - Not advised.
Rooster58 - If they must, but not recommended.
Dog92 - A happy couple.
Pig75 - This relationship worth a try.


GOAT In Year 2002

For the gentle GOAT, this will be a good year in general. Luck will be
on your side; however, there will be a number of obstacles to overcome.
For those lacks of Earth element, everything will be going your way. And
for those Wood GOAT, your investment or business may finally paid off
and you will be smiling your way to the bank.
This could be the year to expand your business or start the partnership
and alliance you've been planning for. Nevertheless, try to eat
healthily and exercise regularly, this is the year you should pay more
attention to your health. Say no to alcohol and temptation, trust me,
you will be happy that you do. Think once, twice and even three time
before you act and remember to mind your own business and stay away from
other's problems.
January is your lucky month, with minimum effort; you will be rewarded
with doubled harvest. February is a great month for you finance.
However, if you are a restless driver, be careful when you are on the
road. And thanks to the blessing from your ancestor, March will turn out
to be a smooth month. July is great for romance and wedding. Avoid
attending funerals and visiting patients in August. Your best months are
January, March, May, and July,

GOAT Characteristics

Goat people are elegant, charming, artistic, gifted and fond of nature.
People born under this sign are also the most creative. They are also very
delicate, their good manners and charms always bring many admirers and
Goats are insecure. They need to feel loved and protected. They are easily
drawn into complex predicaments. This being, so, they usually shy from
confrontation, pull back when faced with heavy decision-making and
blatantly refuse to take an unpopular stand in a conflict.

Goat people are dreamers, sometimes, they are pessimistic, hesitant and
over-anxious worriers! They can be lazy sometimes. If Goats have any
choices, they would definitely choose to marry a wealthy person and sit
back for the rest of the lives. Also, they are obsessed with their
appearance. That, play an enormous part in their sense of personal
stability. If they don't look their best, they may be afraid to go out the
door to pick up the Sunday papers.

Due to their indecisive nature, Goats like to study the esoteric to know
more about the unknown. They enjoy reading books about horoscope and
fortune-telling. Therefore, it will not be unusual to find Goats working
as astrologers or fortune-tellers.

Disorganized as they are , business is definitely not the strength in a
Goat. Instead, the Goat will make a good craftsman or artist or writer and
can confidently take up any career demanding artistic talents and
Goat people are very romantic sensitive, sweet and darling. In
relationship, they could be sometimes a little bit bossy and lazy, but
with their gentle and caring nature, it will be hard to resist Goat

(1 - least compatible, 100 - most compatible)
with Rat56 - Probably not.
Ox45 - Why not just be friends.
Tiger24 - One of the worst combinations.
Rabbit82 - Nice couple. They'll be happy.
Dragon74 - A sound and stable relationship.
Snake69 - This might work.
Horse82 - Good, they won't bore each other.
Goat52 - Better avoid.
Monkey71 - Oh, well, why not?!
Rooster42 - They'll be unhappy, even they pretend.
Dog62 - Difficult, but possible.
Pig98 - One of the happiest possible combinations.


MONKEY In Year 2002

I know this does not sound that exciting, but the truth is, this will be
a so-so year for you Monkey people. It maybe better to stay low and keep
things the way it is. Also, you must refrain yourself from visiting the
sick or attending funerals. Instead, be sure to attend as many weddings
as you can. After all, what you need most in the year of Horse is good
vibes and chi.
Best of all, if you have weddings in the family, it will certainly bring
you joys and good fortune all year long and turn this to a better year
for you. However, even if you don't have weddings in the family, you can
collect your good fortune by attending weddings and volunteer yourself
for charity work to help the needed.
For those lacks of Fire element, everything will be going your way. And
if you a Water Monkey, embrace yourself to a year of great personal
finance. Your income will increase and your investment will be
rewarding. Wood Monkey will become wiser and gain more knowledge through
the year. As for Metal Monkey, beware of friends who will betray you and
stab you in the back.
January is a good month in general, expect some moderate changes in life
and work. Watch your eyes in February. March will be especially great
for the Earth Monkey. There will be reasons to celebrate in June,
however, don't overwork and watch for your health. Avoid attending
funerals and don't go visit the sick. Romance is in the air in August,
and if you listen to the advice from your boss or parents, things will
be even better for you. Your best months are January, March, August and

MONKEY Characteristics

Monkeys are fun and loving persons who are always cheerful and energetic.
They are very clever. Give a monkey a boring book to read and he'll turn
it into a Musical. Better yet, he'll invite everyone to see it free!
That's how talented, creative and generous monkeys usually are.

If you go to a party, you'll find Monkeys at the center of attention.
Their charm and humor is the key to their popularity. Sociable and
diplomatic as they may appear, they can be deceptive sometimes - they hide
their opinions of others beneath their friendliness. But they don't hide
their emotion. You can probably tell how a monkey is feeling from miles
away - he wants everyone to know how happy or depressed he is.

Monkey people are very good at problem-solving. Wherever you are, whoever
you may be, if you've got a problem pick up the phone and dial-a-Monkey.
Monkeys know how to listen closely and work out solutions at the same
time. And because Monkeys' curiosity, they usually have a great thirst for
knowledge. Still they have few scruples - they could be unreasonable
sometimes, and they have the ability to persuade themselves and everyone
around them to believe that they are doing the right things. Some say
monkeys are self-centered, some say they are opportunistic, some say they
are guileful, but monkeys couldn't care less - because they are also

The monkey has a good chance of becoming famous or well-known. Whatever he
does, his charm and luck will make him successful. As friends, Monkeys are
both loyal and devoted, as lovers, they can be passionate and yet flighty
- they can fall easily in love but will get tired of the relationship and
look for another.
Most Monkeys have one fetish - FOOD. They are not pigs, they don't stuff
themselves with food, instead, they just have this habit of eating snacks
whenever they like, and wherever they like. And one last truth about
monkey people is, they adore bananas. Go visit your monkey friend's
kitchen, I bet you will find some bananas there.

(1 - least compatible, 100 - most compatible)
with Rat90 - One of the best combinations.
Ox74 - Nice. They are compatible and stable.
Tiger81 - These two make eager loves.
Rabbit73 - Amusing.
Dragon82 - Despite the differences, they'll do just fine.
Snake57 - Perhaps, it depends on the monkey.
Horse31 - Not advised.
Goat65 - Oh well, why not?!
Monkey85 - Great companions and total complicity.
Rooster72 - Probably, who knows
Dog67 - With reservation. The dog might suffer.
Pig81 - This could work. They admire each other.


ROOSTER In Year 2002

Congratulations. Now, take a deep sigh (the sigh of relief) and prepare
yourself for a great year. Thanks to all the good luck you get from your
ancestors, you should have a much better and smoother year of Horse than
last year. Happy, joyful things are coming your way, and everything will
be exactly the way you want. This will be the year for your career to
take off. New career will be waving at you, and if you have a cool boss
that you get along, then expect a promotion or a raise.
As for you romance life; the year of Horse is the year you've been
waiting for. New romance is in the air and even old love may return to
your eventually. Believe or not, this might be "the one" relationship
you've been longing for and if you are in a stable relationship, wedding
bell might be ringing at your doorsteps.
You might lose some money in January, nothing major, so don't worry too
much about it. This month, you will get all the assistance you need from
your mother side of the family. March is a good month for you, so hold
on to an opportunity when you see one, and you will accomplish
something. If you are a restless driver, please pay more attention on
the road in April. Thinking about moving or traveling? October is the
month to do so. Your best months are March, May, June and December.

ROOSTER Characteristics

Rooster people are very observant. And most of the time, they are very
accurate and precise with their observation. Perhaps, you can say that
Roosters have a very keen "sixth-sense". With Roosters, what you see is
exactly what you get. There are no hidden depths to the Rooster's
character: he is neither complicated nor profound, rather, he is very
forthright and straightforward.
The rooster likes to be noticed and flattered. He might dress a little
flashily with this in mind, but in his heart, he is completely
conservative. Roosters always appear attractive and beautifully turned
out. They are sociable and love to receive attention.

Believe it or not, it is not an easy task to fool the Rooster. His mind is
cautious and skeptical, with this perceptive gift, Roosters make excellent
trouble shooters, detectives, doctors, nurses and psychiatrists. Roosters
are always up, out and doing. You rarely see a relaxed rooster that sits
quietly in the livingroom, doing nothing. They are also multitalented, and
can become accomplished in many different ways.

All Roosters are extremely conscious about clothing and appearance. They
may appear conservative but are obsessed with their look - they can spend
hours standing in front of the mirrors and will not even wink when they
spend $500 for a dress. That doesn't mean they don't care about money, in
fact, they love to compare prices and even if the bargain is only few
cents or few dollars cheaper, they will be satisfied.

Though sharp, practical and resourceful, the Rooster also likes to dream.
And because he likes to dream, he will disappointed the loved one, for the
reality will never match up to the dreams he would like to share with her.
Although he really is sincere about those dreams.
Rooster make great hosts and adore entertaining. The main virtue in the
Rooster character is loyalty: they make devoted friends. They always keep
their promises and are always true to their word. When Roosters love and
admire someone, they will even catch the moon just to keep them happy.

(1 - least compatible, 100 - most compatible)
with Rat66 - Steamy, yes, but not lasting.
Ox86 - You are lucky enough to find each other.
Tiger55 - Not a balanced relationship.
Rabbit53 - Well, maybe not.
Dragon72 - Balanced but not passionate.
Snake90 - A love connection. Omens favorable.
Horse58 - If they must, but not recommended.
Goat42 - They'll be unhappy, even they pretend.
Monkey75 - Probably, who knows.
Rooster33 - It will be a miracle if it works!
Dog63 - Only if it's absolutely necessary.
Pig81 - The Pig is patient, it could work.


DOG In Year 2002

This is the year you've been waiting for; in fact, the year of Horse
will be a prosperous and successful year for you Dog people. All the
stars are on your side, and you should really make the most of this year
to achieve your goal.
Anxious to advance in your career? If so, don't forget to show your best
side this year, and you might just nail that promotion you've been
longing for. The year of Horse will be a great year for your personal
finance. You will be rewarded for your wise investment and your gross
income could be better than the previous year. However, do remember to
mind your own business and think before you act.
You will get some help from your mother's family in February, and beware
of theft and watch your health. April will be a joyful and there will be
something wonderful to celebrate. Your social status and reputation will
be on the rise in May; however, you should also try to pay more
attention to the road when you drive. Stay out of troubles and avoid
drinking and gambling in December, you will be happy that you do.

DOG Characteristics

Dog people are honest, faithful and sincere. They respect tradition and
value honor, and enjoy helping people. The Dog is very righteous, and
always is the first to speak out against injustice. He is not good at
socializing with friends, and rarely shines in company, but he is
intelligent, caring and a good listener.

Loyal, faithful and honest, he has the most profound sense of duty. You
can count on him and he'll never let you down. And as a good listener, the
Dog is also very reliable in keeping secrets for others. He simply doesn't
like to gossip.
The Dog is an agreeable companion - when he is in a good mood. But when
panic strikes, he can turn nasty, and bark till he is tired. He can be
judgmental, defensive and picky if you rub him the wrong way, but as long
as you know how to pet and massage him, the Dog makes absolutely the best
and most honorable companion on earth.

Dogs are born old and get younger as they age. They take everything very
serious. You may hear the Dog complains a lot about street lamps, about
traffic, or about weather, but as he gets older, the less he takes his own
criticisms seriously.

The loyal Dog makes a splendid captain of industry, a priest, an educator,
a critic, or a doctor. But whatever his career, it'll have in him a
spokesman whose ideals will be profound and often original.
When the fear becomes reality, Dogs go a little crazy. The Dog enters a
relationship where he is the giver and the partner is the taker. He is
usually very generous and loyal, and in love, he is honest and
straightforward. But he will have romantic problems all his life - it's
his own fault, really: he leads himself by his emotional in stability and
his eternal anxiety. He is a worrier.

(1 - least compatible, 100 - most compatible)
with Rat72 - Why not?
OX62 - Difficult, but possible.
Tiger89 - Good! A balanced and harmonic relationship.
Rabbit77 - Fine, as long as they keep it cool.
Dragon62 - Think again.
Snake67 - This could work.
Horse92 - A happy couple.
Goat62 - Difficult, but possible.
Monkey67 - With reservation. The dog might suffer.
Rooster63 - Only if it's absolutely necessary.
Dog62 - Difficult, but possible.
Pig84 - They share their thoughts and feelings.


PIG In Year 2002

Thanks to all the good luck you get from your ancestors, this will be a
good year for you Pig people. Your finance and romance is both looking
good, and career is on the rise as well. However, the year of Horse can
bring you great success or spectacular failure, and only you can
determine which direction you will be heading to.
This will be a crucial year for your career. Trust your instinct and
follow your heart, things will turn out better than you expect. Try to
volunteer your time to help the needed and do some charity work.
February is a good month for your finance, you'll either get a bonus or
make plenty money from your business. Love is in the air in March, so
don't pass on any opportunity if one of your friends wants to play cupid
and always try to look your best. Ready for some changes or traveling in
April. September will be a month to celebrate, but avoid visiting
patients or attending funerals. Stay alert in October for accidents or
injury. Your best months are January, February, May, July and September.

PIG Characteristics

Pigs are models of sincerity, purity, tolerance, and honor. When you first
meet them, Pigs seem too good to be true. They are careful and caring,
obliging and chivalrous. Put your trust in him, he won't let you down and
he will never try to. The Pigs simply want to do everything right.
Pigs are the people everyone admires most. Make a list of the Pigs in your
life: aren't they the nicest, most loving and scrupulously caring people

Pigs are born to give, to yield and to serve. Frankly speaking, most
people take advantage of this Pig nature. Also, not only are Pigs easy to
fool, they like it that way too. No matter how old they get, Pig people
still only see and believe that all men/women are basically good. Pig
people constantly sacrifice their own happiness and comfort for the sake
of somebody else.

The Pig is a splendid companion. If you have a lifetime Pig friend, don't
think that your worries are over. Pigs are loyal, faithful and giving -
only as long as they approve of you. In order to keep your lifetime Piggy
friend, remember, never try to force your opinions on a Pig - A Pig rarely
asks for help and cannot graciously accept it.
The Pig doesn't say much - but when he does decide to speak, suddenly,
nothing can stop him until he runs out of subjects. Like the Monkey, the
Pig is intellectual - a character with a great thirst for knowledge.

Some people claim that Pigs are snobbish. Manners, breeding and good taste
are of enormous importance to them. In fact, pigs are aesthetic. Pigs are
born with an excellent nose for style in everything. Food is another of
Piggy's little sins. Pigs adore food, and after-dinner chocolates. The Pig
often over-eats, but he eats with good taste.
In relationship, Pig people are sensitive, sweet but naive, and caring.
They are romantic and certainly are the marriage-type. But on the other
hand, Pigs are also possessive, jealous and exclusive.

(1 - least compatible, 100 - most compatible)
with Rat88 - These two make marvelous mates
Ox69 - Why not, it worth a try.
Tiger77 - They are very different, but this will work.
Rabbit91 - Very compatible. Everything will be good.
Dragon94 - Most Dragon/Pig marriages last forever.
Snake45 - The Pig can never please the Snake.
Horse75 - This relationship worth a try.
Goat98 - One of the happiest possible combinations.
Monkey81 - This could work. They admire each other.
Rooster72 - The Pig is patient, this could work.
Dog84 - They share their thoughts and feeling.
Pig92 - An excellent match.

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