The Chennai Traffic Aptitude Test

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Time for answering the questions is twenty minutes.
Answer all the questions, and answer them honestly. Please remember you're
trying to become a cop, for Christ's sake!!

1. At the time of traffic accidents, I can shut
out the outside world and focus completely
on milking the situation for profit - ignoring
all damage to public property and loss of life or limb.

yes no.
2. I have no problem with roasting
in the hot summer sun for hours, in clothes that are two
sizes too small.

yes no.
3. My waist size is
(in inches)

46 78
4. I can effortlessly switch
between 'aggressively rude', 'condescending'
and 'sickeningly, groveling
polite', depending on the social standing
of the person I am talking to at the moment.

yes no.
5. If you come across a multiple
traffic violation that includes drunken driving,
driving without a license
and loss to property, how would you evaluate
the situation?

Rs. 1,500
Rs. 5,000 plus
Rs. 100, plus the
chance to deliver a 45 minute lecture.
6. I have no particular
emotional need to be nice once in a while, even to women,
children and the elderly.

yes no.
7. I am spineless enough to ignore
big-time offences by government vehicles,
while simultaneously harassing a nerdy college student
for not having his anti-glare sticker in the
proper place.

yes no.
8. I have an exaggerated
opinion of my own importance in the larger scheme of things.

yes no.
9. Faced with a severe traffic jam, I have the
ability to look busy by smacking
auto rickshaws
with my lathi, screaming angrily and running
to and fro - all without doing a single thing to
clear things up.

yes no.
10. In the space provided, write down whatever
you know about police procedures, the
law in general and basic human ethics.

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