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This is a hoax. For more information see
urbanlegends/library/blhonda.htm or

I'm sure that this cannot be accurate,however, just in case.

Dear valued potential customers:

Here at Honda we have been well known for over 20 years for
providing the best in reliabillity, comfort, and style. Over the
years we have risen to be one of the top auto industries here
in Japan. But that isn't enough. We want to be number one in
the US.

Now our twentieth anniversary for making cars is here!!! This
is the perfect opportunity for you and us here at Honda to
celebrate our 20 years of excellent service. We have been
trying to think of ideas to get more people to know about our
cars. And with technology and e-mail being the wave of the
future, we want to jump on this opportunity. So we have set
up a rewards system to repay those who help us spread the
word about Honda.

Our marketing staff has designed a special program that traces
this message as it travels across the US. Anyone who
forwards this e-mail, will immediately have an account at their
local Honda dealer opened in their name. This account will
initially be opened with a credit of $1,000 toward any new or
used vehicle at their participating dealership. For each person
you forward this e-mail to, the amount of $200 will be added
to your account. If the recipients of this e-mail forward it you
will be rewarded an additional $100 for each person it reaches
and if They also forward it your account continues to grow in
$100 increments. You can log onto our website at to check the balance of your account.

If things go well and everyone participates you should see
your account grow quite quickly. Follow the on screen
instructions to order the specific make and model of Honda
you want to buy with your account. We hope that this is a
rewarding experience for you and us. Our goal is to reach
over 1 million computers by the year 2000.

I thank you for your time and business,


Kageyama Hironobu
Senior Honda Marketing Advisor

First off, I just want everyone to know that this is the real
thing. I forwarded this message to everyone I know about 6
months ago and last week a Honda employee showed up at my
house with my brand new 1999 Civic EX!!! It is so funny
because I never believed these things worked and actually I
sent this one as a joke to all my friends. But they forwarded
the message to and now I have received a new car!!!
My best friend actually hasn't gotten his car just yet but he
checked the balance of his Honda Account and it has reached
nearly $11,000!!!

If you like Honda's or you just want a new car, please forward
this message it is the real thing.

Bob Stanley, Denver Colorado


Look I know this sounds too good to be true, and that's what I
thought too. But I called Honda's headquarters in Japan and
spoke to an american representative myself and it really is
true! They assured Me that this the real thing! I still wasn't
convinced but I called three weeks later and my Honda
account balance has reached the unbelievable sum of
$12,500!!! So even if you don't believe this forward it
anyways so my account will continue to grow until I get my
brand new Prelude!!!

Steve Kelly, Minneapolis Minnessota

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