We All Come From Iran


Booye Jooye Moulian Ayad Hami
Yade Yar Mehraban Ayad Hami

We all came from Iran, to land of Uncle Sam.
We went from eating NIMROO, to eating eggs and ham.

Oh my, how times have changed from when we were just boys.
When life was safe and simple, no Barney among our toys.

KALEH PACHEH for breakfast, was not a weird thing.
We idolized Da'rush, and listened to Googoosh sing.

We all watched Samad's finger, go into someone's eyes.
We laughed at that so hard, no Lows and all was Highs.

We went to the Noonvaie, picking up Sangak.
Now it's going to Megamarket, and picking from the rack.

We all did open our fists, and played lili lili hozak.
Now our kids play Nintendo, with a little boy named Jack.

Grandma's house was so cute, and doors were open wide.
We crawled into her baghcheh, and found a place to hide.

How she told us stories of Rostam and Zaha'k.
Now we tell our kids stories, about Bugs and Daffy duck.

Sport we loved was soccer, playing the round ball.
Not this funny looking oblong, thing they call football.

We used to enjoy Fardin, and Beyk Imanverdi.
Now it's going to Cineplex, watching Bone Collector, Hasti?

We jumped into a taxi, to go from A to B.
The greatest ride in whole world, was drive to Caspian Sea

We drive on super highways, and watch for a radar gun.
We forget we all used to be driving a PEYKA'AN.

Our vacations are spent, somewhere on a beach.
Far from Rasht and Ra'msar, where we smell but can't reach.

Koloocheh eating in shoma'l, we all can still taste.
How we hold onto memories, not let them go to waste.

How we used to be comfy, in that entourage.
Now we fake our way through life, and try to camolflaughe.

We left that country behind, and came to a new world.
When our King went down, tripping on his sword.

We watched Saddam attack our country in a pop.
We hated them Iraqis, without bleeding a single drop.

We don't know how to let go, or hang on to our past.
We know something for sure though, nothing will ever last.

These people amongst we live, who show that they are kind.
What do they really think of us, in back of their mind?

No one but us knows SOMAGH, and how good is TAHHDIG.
They see us eating burned rice, and think we've flipped our wig.

We chop up cucumbers, and put it in our MAST.
They look at us eating that, and think that we are lost.

These patriotic songs that, they always sing 'em.
Does anybody wonder, what's our national anthem?

Do we belong to here, or do we belong there?
Does anybody knows us, does anybody care?

They ask us about fanatics, they ask us how we feel.
We give 'em our stock answer, they sure can't help us heal.

We all are so much at odds, with where we're living now.
We all can be writing books, on adopting and how.

The Iranian gene that, we carry in our mind.
Has made us all to look for, our very own kind.

So much of what that makes us, it's made from the same mold.
The Iranian in us, that we treasure like gold.

I say "alef, beh, peh, teh, seh..." and you know what I mean.
I ask for seven 'S'es, and you know I mean haft sin.

I say something is not SHOL, and you know it is SEFT.
You tell them something like that, & they look at you left left.

There must be hundred thousand, species on this Rock.
We must be 100th and one, that do on this Earth walk.

Solution to our problems, is one we can not solve.
In this melting pot someday, may all of us dissolve.

So hold on to the 'SHa'hna'meh'and hang on to 'KHaya'm',
And do not let those memories, get buried under time.

We are all from one country, with borders like a cat.
Now that all of us are out, let's not just forget that.

And if anyone ever told you, that Irooni must die.
You sharpen your big finger, and stick it in their eye!

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