You Might Be In The Health Care Field If


  • Discussing dismemberment over a gourmet meal is perfectly normal to you.

  • You find humor in other people's stupidity.

  • You believe in serial spraying of Prozac.

  • Your idea of comforting a child is placing him in a papoose restraint.

  • You believe that "Shallow Gene Pool" should be a diagnosis.

  • You believe that the government should require a permit to reproduce.

  • You think unspeakable evil will befall you is anyone says: "Boy, it sure is quiet around here."

  • When you are out in public, you compliment complete strangers on their veins.

  • You have ever wanted to hold a seminar entitled: "Suicide - Getting It Right The First Time."

  • You have ever had to leave a patient's room before laughing hysterically.

  • You think caffeine should be available in IV form.

  • You have ever restrained someone, and it was not a sexual experience.

  • You commonly utter the phrase: "What changed tonight at 2am that made this emergency after 6 months?!"

  • You believe that "Too Stupid To Live" should be a diagnosis.

  • You think putting a Valium salt lick in the ER waiting room is a novel idea.

  • When you mention vegetables, you are not thinking of a food group.

  • You have been exposed to so many x-rays you don't even bother with birth control.

  • You have used the words "Healthcare Reform" to strike fear in the hearts of your co-workers.

  • You have heard, "Why, I don't know how that got stuck there" too many times.
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