Announcer: It's "Channel Six Action News." [several Explosions Are Shown] Ba

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Announcer: It's "Channel Six Action News."
[several explosions are shown]
Bart: Ah, Action News. The last place an impressionable kid can
go for TV violence.
Announcer: And now, here's your Action Anchor[tm], Kent Brockman.
Kent: [jumping in, panting] Hello, I'm Kent Brockman! Our top
stories tonight: a tremendous _explosion_ in the price of
lumber, President Reagan _dyes_...his hair, plus Garry
Trudeau and his new musical comedy revue. But first! Let's
check the death count from the killer storm bearing down on
us like a shotgun full of snow.
Weatherman: Well, Kent, as of now the death count is zero. But it _is_
ready to shoot right up.
Kent: Oh my God. [shakes fist at heaven] Damn you snow!
-- Doing what's needed for ratings, "Lisa on Ice"