Kent: And, Like Icarus, The Rocket Foolishly Soared Too High, And Lost Control Of Its Servo Guidance Mechanism, Leaving Us With Some.

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Kent: And, like Icarus, the rocket foolishly soared too high, and
lost control of its servo guidance mechanism, leaving us
with some...[checks watch] six hours to live. So, let's go
live now to the charred remains of the only bridge out of
town with Arnie Pie and Arnie in the Sky!
Arnie: With the bridge gone and the airport unfortunately on the
other side of the bridge, a number of citizens are
attempting to jump the gorge with their cars. It's a
silent testament to the never-give-up and never-think-
things-out spirit of our citizens.
Kent: With our utter annihilation imminent, our federal
government has snapped into action. We go live now via
satellite to the floor of the United States congress.
Speaker: Then it is unanimous, we are going to approve the bill to
evacuate the town of Springfield in the great state of --
Congressman: Wait a minute, I want to tack on a rider to that bill: $30
million of taxpayer money to support the perverted arts.
Speaker: All in favor of the amended Springfield-slash-pervert bill?
[everyone boos]
Speaker: Bill defeated. [bangs gavel]
Kent: I've said it before and I'll say it again: democracy simply
doesn't work.
-- Kent Brockman shows his true color: pink,
"Bart's Comet"