Marge: Oh, Give Yourself Up, Homie! Bart: No, Dad!

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Marge: Oh, give yourself up, Homie!
Bart: No, Dad! Shoot your way out!
Marge: [grunts at Bart]
[On TV, Homer barges through some doors in the theater, and is
shot quite graphically through various parts of the body.]
Kent: A bloody end for Homer Simpson... is just one of several possible
outcomes according to our computer simulation. Now, here's how
it would look if the police killed him with a barrage of
Lisa: We've gotta go down there and help Dad!
[they walk out]
[Only heard on TV, Homer is pelted with a barrage of baseballs]
Homer: Ouch! Oooch! Eeech! Ouch! Oooch! [whining] Oh, stop it!
-- More delightful excerpts from the minds of Channel 6
news, "Burns, Baby Burns"