Homer: Hey! What's Up For Today, Neddy? Ned: Uh, Er, Homer, We're Gonna Visit The Boys' Grandmother.

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Homer: Hey! What's up for today, Neddy?
Ned: Uh, er, Homer, we're gonna visit the boys' grandmother. Family
only, you know?
Homer: Right! No reporters.
Ned: No, I, I...I mean just the Flanders family.
Homer: [slowly] Oh, OK. [goes back through the hedge]
Todd: Oh boy! Grandma!
Ned: We're not goin' anywhere.
Todd: But you said --
Ned: Er...sometimes to keep from hurting someone's feelings, you have
to say things that aren't exactly --
Rod: Lies make baby Jesus cry.
-- You've been told, "Homer Loves Flanders"