Father Sheep: What's Wrong, Jeremiah? Jeremiah

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Father sheep: What's wrong, Jeremiah?
Jeremiah: It's not fair. My brother Joseph has a sin to confess. I
wish I had one too.
Father sheep: Oh, don't you see? You _do_ have a sin to confess -- the
sin of envy.
[sheep baa their laughter]
Todd: It's all well and good for sheep, but what are we to do?
Homer: Boring! Let's watch something else.
Rod+Todd: Aw...
Ned: Now, boys, Mr. Simpson is the guest. He gets to decide
what to watch.
Homer: Yeah...
[Homer flips through channels which all seem to be blank]
Hey, what gives? I thought you had a satellite dish.
Ned: Sure doodily-do. Over 230 channels locked out!
-- A good investment, "Homer Loves Flanders"