Ned: Thank You So Much, Homer. You're A True Friend.

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Ned: Thank you so much, Homer. You're a true friend.
Homer: Right back at you, buddy. Now how about that game at the
Ned: Just try and stop me.
Bart: I don't get it, Lis. You said everything would be back to
normal, but Homer and Flanders are still friends.
Lisa: Yeah. Maybe this means the end of our wacky adventures.
["Next Thursday at 8:00pm"]
Homer: Guess what, everybody? My great uncle Boris died and left us his
old country house! There's only one catch: they say it's
haunted. But I'm sure we can prove 'em wrong by spending the
weekend there.
Ned: Hi-diddely-ho, neighbor!
Homer: Get lost, Flanders.
Ned: Okily dokily.
[Bart and Lisa sigh]
-- Back to normal at last, "Homer Loves Flanders"