Homer: Wait A Minute: We All Know The One Thing We Won't Need In The Future!

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Homer: Wait a minute: we all know the one thing we won't need in the
future! Left-handed stores. That's you, Flanders!
[whispered to Rod & Todd] I'm terribly story.
[to everyone] Flanders is the only useless person here. If
anyone dies, it should be him.
[whispered] I'm sorry, please forgive me.
[to everyone] So let's kick Flanders out.
[whispered] Sorry.
Ned: Well sir, sounds fair. Toodleloo, everybody; I'll scream when
the comet gets here.
Maude: Oh, I'm coming with you, Neddy.
Ned: No, sweetheart, you...you stay here because --
Maude: [quickly] OK.
Ned: I might go mad with fear out there, so Todd, I want you to shoot
Daddy if he tries to get back in.
Todd: OK, Dad. [weeps]
Ned: OK. [sings on his way out] Que sera sera, whatever will be, will
be, the future's not ours to see...
-- Ned, closed fatalist, "Bart's Comet"