Bart: [shudders] I Hate This Place. Lisa: Yeah. It Seems Like Our House, But Everything's Got A Creepy Pat Boone-ish Quality To It.

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Bart: [shudders] I hate this place.
Lisa: Yeah. It seems like our house, but everything's got a creepy Pat
Boone-ish quality to it.
Ned: Hey, kids! Nachos, Flanders style -- that's cucumbers with
cottage cheese.
[Rod and Todd gleefully take some]
[Lisa takes one and sniffs it suspiciously]
[Bart eats one, then spits it out]
Oh, Bart, I know you're still getting adjusted here. Tell you
what: we'll do whatever _you_ want to do.
Bart: Watch "Itchy and Scratchy"!
Ned: Well, I guess a _little_ television won't hurt. [whispers] I used
to let the boys watch "My Three Sons" but it got them all worked
up before bedtime.
-- "Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily"