Homer: Lisa, Honey, Are You Going To Be OK? Lisa: Bleeding Gums Was My Hero And I Never Got To Tell Him How I Felt.

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Homer: Lisa, honey, are you going to be OK?
Lisa: Bleeding Gums was my hero and I never got to tell him how I felt.
Homer: Oh, I'm sure he knew, and I'm sure that wherever he is now, he's
Lisa: But he was the only person that had the same love for music that
I do.
[Maggie gives Lisa a pacifier]
Thank you. Oh, Dad, why did he have to die?
Homer: Well, it's like the time that your cat Snowball got run over.
Lisa: Uh huh.
Homer: Remember, honey?
Lisa: Yeah.
Homer: What I'm saying is, all we have to do is go down to the pound and
get a new jazzman.
Lisa: [wailing] Oh, Dad! [weeps]
Homer: Oh, I blew it again.
[Maggie gives him a pacifier]
What? [sucks on it] Mmm...
-- Homer, competent parent, "'Round Springfield"