Ound Of Bobby McFerrin Song Finishing] Marty: That Was Bobby McFerrin's New One, "I'm Worried (Need Money)".

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[sound of Bobby McFerrin song finishing]
Marty: That was Bobby McFerrin's new one, "I'm Worried (Need Money)".
If you want tickets to the big Pigskin Classic [oinking noise]
just get to a phone and be our thirteenth caller.
Homer: Get tickets. Must get tickets! Find phone. Yes!
[arrives at work behind a line of cars]
Ho ho, stupid sheep.
[drives the wrong way through the gate, bursts all his tires]
Marty: Still waiting for that caller...
Homer: [runs in whimpering, grabs phone]
Marty: Oh, we have a winner! What's your name, sir?
Ned: Ned Flanders!
Homer: Oh, not Flanders, anybody but Flanders --
Ned: Well, golly, if that doesn't put the "shaz" in "shazam." Oh,
listen: what's the cash value of those tickets so I can report it
on my income tax?
-- Goody two-shoes Ned, "Homer Loves Flanders"