Marge: What Are You Doing With My Children? Agent 2

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Marge: What are you doing with my children?
Agent 2: We're taking them where you can't get them!
Marge: What? No! No -- you can't -- I won't let you --
Agent 2: Mrs. Simpson, restrain yourself, or you'll be arrested!
[the kids are shut in a large van]
Goodman: Now, just relax, kids. All we're doing is taking you to...
[sinister] a foster home! [floors it]
[the kids press their faces against the back window]
[Marge and Homer watch, distraught]
[they pull into the Flanders' house]
Todd: Yay!
Ned: Heydily-ho! Welcome to your new home, neglecterinos.
-- Thanks, Nedoodily,
"Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily"