Marge: I Want You To Take Larry Back To Mr.

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Marge: I want you to take Larry back to Mr. Burns right now, before you
get in a lot of trouble.
Homer: But the.. wh.. Marge! It's broad daylight and there's cops
Marge: No excuses. Just do it.
[Homer reluctantly obeys and takes Larry upstairs]
[they walk out the house, to be spotted by Kent's air newsteam]
Kent: Of course, we'll bring you updates just as soon as they... Oh!
Wait a minute! There they are!
[Homer shreaks and both he and Larry break for Homer's car and
drive off]
Kent: Appearing in broad daylight with police everywhere, ladies and
gentlemen, there's only one word for that: idiocy.
Marge: [groans]
-- Still not tired of being wrong all the time?, "Burns,
Baby Burns"