Burns: Ahoy-hoy? Homer: [speaking Through A Kazoo] Hello, Mr.

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Burns: Ahoy-hoy?
Homer: [speaking through a kazoo] Hello, Mr. Burns. This is the
kidnapper. Do you miss your son?
Burns: Yes, I'm missing one son. Return it immediately!
Homer: If you really love Larry, prove it, and you can have him back
Burns: Oh, how much proof do you need? 5,000? 6,000? I swear, that's
all I've got.
Homer: Don't you care about your son? This is more important than
Burns: More important than money? Who is this?
Homer: Uh... [panics, loses control of the phone] Just a second.
[hangs up]
-- Still better than giving out your name, "Burns,
Baby Burns"