Abe: [narrating] The Story Of The Simpson Family Began In The Old Country.

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Abe: [narrating] The story of the Simpson family began in the Old
Country. I forget which one exactly. My dad would drone
on and on about America. He thought it was the greatest
thing since sliced bread, sliced bread having been invented
the previous winter.
Abe's dad: [holds up an America pamphlet] See that, son? That's where
we're going to live. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow,
but someday.
Abe: Later that day, we set sail for America.
Abe's dad: [points at the Statue of Liberty] See that, son? That's our
new home.
[later, the family has moved in... to the Statue]
Young Abe: [playing on Statue's arm] Yay! I love America!
Abe's mom: Abe! Supper's on!
[back to reality]
Abe: We had to move out once we filled the entire head with
-- The story of the Simpson family,
"Much Apu About Nothing"