Abe: [points To Old TV] There She Is, The Old Radiation King.

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Abe: [points to old TV] There she is, the old Radiation King.
You'd park yourself right there and watch for hours on
[young Homer's shadow is burned into the floor and wall]
[flashback to Homer watching Kennedy]
Kennedy: If I may, Helen, I'd like to respond to that question with
yet another flip remark.
[reporters laugh, sigh]
Homer: Wow. [walks into kitchen] Look at me, er, uh, Mom: I am,
er, uh, President Kennedy.
Mrs. Simpson: Oh, Abe: maybe our Homer could grow up to be President
some day.
Abe: You, President? This is the greatest country in the
world. We've got a whole system set up to prevent people
like you from ever becoming president. Quit your
daydreaming, melonhead!
[back in the present]
Abe: Quit your daydreaming, melonhead.
-- The more things change...,
"Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy"