TV: "Movie For A Rained-Out Ballgame" Now Returns To Dyan Cannon, Troy McClure, And The Muppets In The 1977 Film

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TV: "Movie For A Rained-Out Ballgame" now returns to Dyan Cannon,
Troy McClure, and the Muppets in the 1977 film: "The Muppets Go
Troy: Oh Princess Fair, wilst thou grant me thine dainty hoof in
Piggy: Oh, Sir Lies-A-Lot, I will!
[they kiss each other]
Troy: [purrs]
Kermit: [in armor, wielding a sword] Unhand the swine, you swain! Come,
Piggy. back to Hamelot.
Piggy: Heck no, frog. Me and Iron Pants are just getting acquinted.
-- "A Fish Called Selma"