Selma: Now, Mr. McClure, Would You Like To Take Off Those Glasses, And Read The Top Line?

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Selma: Now, Mr. McClure, would you like to take off those glasses, and
read the top line? [points to an eye chart]
Troy: Err... W... 7... star... pound... uh...
Look, Ms... [looks at Selma's name plate] Bouvier, as an actor I
depend on my remarkable looks.
[Selma smiles silently]
If you could find in your heart to pass me, I'm sure I could
find some way to repay you.
Selma: [gulps] Mubble.
Troy: Say, by buying you dinner?
[Selma smiles with joy and stamps his license several times]
Troy: That took a lot of class.
-- His charms are still working, "A Fish Called Selma"