Selma: You Know, Smoke Actually Smells Good When It's Coming Out Of You.

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Selma: You know, smoke actually smells good when it's coming out of
you... Oh, I'm all out.
Troy: Here, try one of my cigars.
Selma: [does so] My God! It's like five cigarettes at once! Oh, my head
is swimming!
Troy: That's not cigars, baby: that's love.
[in echo with the movie dialogue]
No longer canst I conceal my love, my wimpled turtledove.
Piggy: Whoa...
Selma: Whoa...
Troy: Oh Princess fair, wilst thou grant me thine dainty hoof in
[shows Selma a wedding ring]
Piggy: Oh, Sir Lies-A-Lot, I will!
Selma: Oh, Troy, I will!
[Troy slips the ring to her finger, then they kiss]
Troy: Just a second baby.
[sprays breath freshener in her mouth, then resumes kissing]
-- "A Fish Called Selma"