Homer: Hey Flanders! All Flanders: Hidely-ho, Neighborino!

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Homer: Hey Flanders!
All Flanders: Hidely-ho, neighborino!
Homer: Shut up!
All Flanders: Okily-dokily!
Homer: Ned! You're having a family reunion and you didn't invite
Ned: Oh, gosh Homer. This is strictly a Flanders affair. I've
got family here from around the globe. [Points out one
relative.] Here's Jose Flanders.
Jose: Buenos Ding dong didlyos, senor.
Ned: And this is Lord Thistlewick Flanders.
Thistlewick: Charmed. [Ned nudges him in the back.] Eh, a googily...
Homer: I can't believe you didn't invite me. [Squints eyes.]
After I painted those cool stripes all over your car.
[Snaps fingers.] I know! I'll throw my own barbeque.
The greatest barbeque this town has ever seen, and I'll
only invite who I want. That'll show you.
Ned: Can I come?
Homer: Sure. [Turns away.] D'oh!
-- Mouth before brain, "Lisa the Vegetarian"