Skinner: I'm Afraid We've Got No Legal Recourse Against Mr.

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Skinner: I'm afraid we've got no legal recourse against Mr. Burns and
his slant-drilling operation. The oil belongs to whoever
pumped it first.
Willy: What about all the expensive stuff we wanted? Can we still
have it?
Skinner: No!
[Willy tears his shirt open and sobs]
Willy: Blast it!
Skinner: In fact, to pay for the construction and operation and
demolition of our new derrick, the school will have to
eliminate all nonessential programs: music --
[Tito punches through his bongos]
-- and maintenance.
Willy: Argh, I'll kill that Mr. Burns! And, er, _wound_ that Mr.
Smithers. Out of my way! [he storms out]
-- A man with a mission, "Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part One"