Homer: If Only I Could Think Of An Invention...something That Would Really Make Money.

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Homer: If only I could think of an invention...something that would
really make money. Must concentrate and work harder than I've
ever worked -- [falls asleep]
[in his dream, a conference table of executives applaud]
Man: Congratulations, Mr. Simpson. This invention of yours has made
us all rich, especially you. It's simply yet ingenious, and it
fits right in the palm of your hand. Every person in America now
owns one of these, and in many cases, three or four.
Homer: [reaching for the man's palm] Uh, could I just get a look at
Man: Ha ha! Why would you need to see it? You're the genius that
invented the product in question.
Homer: But, uh, could I just --
Man: Now don't worry, you'll get to see it just as soon as we unveil
our new ad campaign.
[a screen projects a hand closed around something]
[everyone stands up and blocks Homer's view]
Homer: Lemme see, lemme see! Out of the way!
-- Not even in his dreams, "Homer vs. Patty and Selma"