Marge: This Has Been Such A Nice Peaceful Dinner. It Calls For A Celebration.

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Marge: This has been such a nice peaceful dinner. It calls for a
celebration. I'm going to make the most international coffee in
the house: Montreal Morn. [leaves]
Homer: All right, you had your fun, now get lost.
Patty: Oh ho, our fun hasn't begin yet.
Homer: Huh?
[Selma holds out mortgage IOU paper]
Selma: We know something you don't want Marge to know. Now, we own you
like Siegfried owns Roy.
Marge: I'm sorry, all we have is Nescafe. I'm very, very sorry.
Patty: Oh Marge, Marge: you're just in time. Homer's getting ready to
give us a foot rub.
Marge: You are?
Homer: No! I -- uh...I'm giving them a foot massage. At least let me
have that.
Patty: [holding leg out] You can start with the corns.
Selma: [holding leg out] Then you can move on to bunion country.
-- It's a big country, "Homer vs. Patty and Selma"