Doctor: Krusty, Your Plastic Surgery Is Complete. Now, When I Remove The Bandages, Don't Be Alarmed By The Total Stranger Staring Back At You.

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Doctor: Krusty, your plastic surgery is complete. Now, when I remove
the bandages, don't be alarmed by the total stranger staring
back at you. [hands him a mirror]
Krusty: Aah! I look exactly the same, you moron!
Doctor: Ho ho, nonsense, Krusty: you look at least ten years younger!
Plus, I did your breasts.
Krusty: Does anyone hear me complaining about the breasts? Oh, what's
the use? I gotta go back to Springfield and face the music.
Can you loan me bus fair?
[the doctor stuffs a bill in Krusty's new cleavage]
[offended] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
-- "Homer the Clown"