Announcer: It's A Krusty Kinda Khristmas, Brought To You By ILG

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Announcer: It's a Krusty Kinda Khristmas, brought to you by ILG: selling
your body's chemicals after you die. And by Li'l Sweetheart
Cupcakes -- a subsidiary of ILG.
Krusty: [walking in with a turkey] Oh, hi! I didn't hear you come
in. Welcome to my home.
[outside the "window", Kent Brockman prepares for a
Ho, ho. [closing the blind] Say, did I hear some carolers?
[walks over to door, opens it]
Carolers: Come, they told me...
Krusty: Hey! It's respected private citizen Tom Landry! And South
American sensation Xoxchisha -- Xoxchoshe -- Xox -- oh, boy.
[walks away]
Announcer: Now, stay tuned for a video Christmas card from Tupac Shapur.
-- We wish you a gangsta Christmas, "Marge Be Not Proud"