Tony: OK, Wherever Krusty's Gone, We'll Find Him. Legs, You Check Out The East Side.

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Tony: OK, wherever Krusty's gone, we'll find him. Legs, you check
out the East Side. Louie, Rome and Budapest. Tell the boys
I want a total world search.
Legs+Louie: Right, boss.
Homer: [at a car dealer] I want a free car because I'm Krusty.
Krusty the Klown? Get it? Krus -- [honks horn] -- ty!
[Tony's car skids to a halt]
Tony: Cancel the world search.
Homer: I want everything that's coming to Krusty the Klown. Which
is me, Krusty!
Louie: [behind a fence with a rifle] Hey! It's Krusty, all right.
Should I shoot him gangland-style or execution-style?
Tony: Listen to your heart.
Salesman: Well I can't _give_ you the car, Krusty, but I _can_ let you
have this little number for practically nothing: only
[bullets hit the car]
Homer: [suspicious] Hey, what are all these holes?
Salesman: [quickly] These are speed holes. They make the car go
Homer: Oh, yeah. Speed holes!
[bullets riddle the car and smash the windshield]
Salesman: You want my advice? I think you should buy this car.
-- Instant depreciation, "Homer the Clown"