Krusty: Hey, Hey! Hoo-huh-huh-ha-ha! Homer: [gags] Krusty

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Krusty: Hey, hey! Hoo-huh-huh-ha-ha!
Homer: [gags]
Krusty: What's the matter. Oh, yeah, my grotesque appearance!
[laughs goofily]
Homer: Well, I could use some laughter right about now.
Krusty: Well, there's nothing funny about what you're gonna go through.
I should know, I'm in the zipper club myself.
[bares his chest a little to show a scar]
[smokes a cigarrette]
Homer: You seem okay.
Krusty: Yeah? Well, I got news for you. [points at his head] This
ain't makeup!
-- Krusty, you and your stories, "Homer's Triple Bypass"