Tony: I Am Afraid The Time Has Come For You To Pay Us.

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Tony: I am afraid the time has come for you to pay us.
Krusty: Look, I'm cleaned out. Just take the Clown College.
Tony: We have already taken it.
[at the college]
Man: Kids have a lot of money these days. So after you finish your
performance, you might consider robbing them.
Krusty: Look, what did I tell you? You can't get blood from a turnip.
You want to kill me? Go ahead and kill me.
[someone starts firing at him]
Oh! Hey! Hey, all right, OK, already! [firing stops] Look, we
can talk this over.
Tony: No more talk. It is time for us to take you for a ride.
Krusty: Oh, no...mind if I go to the bathroom first?
Tony: I see no harm in that.
[Krusty runs off, slams the bathroom door]
[a window slides open; a car speeds away; a plane flies
Legs: When he's done in there, I gotta go.
-- "Homer the Clown"