Troy: [voiceover] When Krusty The Clown Got Canceled, He Tried Everything To Stay On The Air.

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Troy: [voiceover] When Krusty the clown got canceled, he tried
everything to stay on the air. Here's what you didn't see.
Krusty: Watch my show, I will send you this book featuring me in a
variety of sexually explicit positions.
[men drag him off] What? Hey! It's not really me: I used a
stunt butt!
[later, Krusty looks dejected as three men walk up]
Man 1: Krusty, we're from the network. Uh, we have some bad news: I'm
afraid your show's been canceled.
Krusty: Oh, I thought this would happen. I just hope you replace me
with something as educational and uplifting as I tried to be.
Man 2: Actually, it's a hemorrhoid infomercial starring Claude Akins.
Krusty: Can I play hemorrhoid sufferer number one? Ooh! Oh, that
hurts! Ow! Oh, is there no relief?
Man 1: I don't think so. [they start to walk off]
Krusty: How about one of the "after" guys? Aah. Ohh, that's better. I
can ride a bike again!
Man 1: Sorry.
-- Some new footage in 9F19 ("Krusty Gets Kancelled"),
"The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular"