Jessica: Hi. Bart: Uh, We Should Get To Class. Jessica

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Jessica: Hi.
Bart: Uh, we should get to class.
Jessica: What's the hurry?
Bart: We could get in trouble for being late.
Jessica: Aw, you worry too much. Come on, if you stay here a while I'll
let you hold my hand.
[she grabs his hand, then uses it to pull the fire alarm]
[laughs] Teamwork! Come on, Bart.
[everyone rushes out in a panic]
Willy: If I don't save the wee turtles, who will?!
[kicks down door, comes out covered in turtles]
Aah! Save me from the wee turtles! They were too quick for
-- Willy, noble in pain, "Bart's Girlfriend"