Lisa: There Is Someone Among Us With A Guilty Conscience.

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Lisa: There is someone among us with a guilty conscience. After much
soul-searching I decided it would be wrong of me to name names.
But I urge that guilty person here, under the eyes of God, to
come forward -- to confess, and save yourself from the torment
of your own personal hell!
Skinner: Aah! I smelled some marijuana smoke in Vietnam!
Abe: I was the one who canceled "Star Trek"!
Hibbert: I left my Porsche keys inside Mrs. Glick!
Lisa: I am talking to the collection money thief! Only you can come
forward and end this injustice.
[Jessica looks around, smiling and saying nothing]
Oh, what the heck: it was Jessica Lovejoy!
-- So much for not naming names, "Bart's Girlfriend"