Bart: Hi Jessica. Jessica: Hi Bart. Come To Watch Me Suffer?

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Bart: Hi Jessica.
Jessica: Hi Bart. Come to watch me suffer?
Bart: I just wanted to let you know that even though this was a
difficult experience, I really learned a lot. I'm a little
wiser, and a little less naive.
Jessica: [coquettish] Well, I learned that I can make men do whatever I
Bart: Well...don't you see, Jessica, then you really haven't learned
Jessica: Um, would you finish scrubbing these steps with me?
Bart: [enthusiastic] _Will_ I?
Boy: [riding up on bike] Hey, Jessica!
Jessica: Coming! [runs over to him; they ride off]
Bart: Poor sucker. It's amazing what some guys will do for a pretty
face! Not me, though. [sly] Wait till she sees the second-
rate job I do on these stairs. [laughs to himself]
-- A different kind of revenge, "Bart's Girlfriend"