Bart: We Gotta Talk. Jessica: Listen, Thanks For Not Turning Me In.

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Bart: We gotta talk.
Jessica: Listen, thanks for not turning me in. That was sweet.
Bart: Well, it seems like if you really care for me, you should come
Jessica: Oh, don't you see? It's because I care for you that I _can't_
come forward.
Bart: [thinks] That doesn't make any sense.
Jessica: [petulant] All right, then I just don't feel like it, OK?
Bart: Jessica, you're really beautiful, but _you_ are not very nice.
Jessica: [sighs contemptulously] Duh.
Bart: You know, with the way you're treating me, why _should_ I
protect you?
Jessica: Because, if you tell, no one will believe you. Remember I'm
the sweet, perfect minister's daughter...and you're just yellow
-- Meta-humor galore, "Bart's Girlfriend"