One Day When Ernie Was About Six, Before He Learned About Being Dirty, He Was Pestering His Mom While She Tried To Do The Housework.

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One day when Ernie was about six, before he learned about being dirty, he
was pestering his mom while she tried to do the housework. She said, "Why
don't you go across the street and watch them building the new apartments?
Maybe you will learn something ..." So Ernie left. When he came back two
hours later, his mother asked him what he had learned. Ernie replied, "Well,
first you put the goddamn door up. Then the sonofabitch doesn't fit, so you
have to take the cocksucker down. Then you have to shave a cunt hair off
each side and put the motherfucker back up!" Ernie's mother was shocked.
"Young man, you march yourself upstairs right this minute! Just wait until
your father gets home!" When Ernie Sr. got home, little Ernie's mother
called him downstairs and demanded that he tell his father what he had
'learned' that day. When little Ernie had finished his story, his father,
steam coming from his collar, said, "Ernie go outside and get me a switch."
So Ernie replied, "Get fucked! Thats the electrician's job!"