Dirty Ernie Was Sitting In School, In Oklahoma, On A Reservation.

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Dirty Ernie was sitting in school, in Oklahoma, on a reservation. It was the
last day of school. The teacher said, "I will ask questions, and when you
give me the right answer you can go home for the summer." The first question
she asked was, "Who was the first president of the U.S.?" Ernie knew, and
raised his hand, but the teacher called on a little indian girl. The girl
said, "George Washington," and went home. All day long Ernie knew the
answers, but the teacher kept calling on the indian children. Finally the
teacher asked, "Who is the current president of the U.S.?" Ernie raised his
hand. Again the teacher called upon an indian child. Fed up, Dirty Ernie
yelled out, "Where the hell did all these damn indians come from?" "Who said
that!" the teacher glared around the room. Ernie said "General Custer at
Little Big Horn - I'm going home!"