Dirty Ernie Got A Duck For His Birthday. He Took It For Walks Every Day And Enjoyed Having A Pet.

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Dirty Ernie got a duck for his birthday. He took it for walks every day
and enjoyed having a pet. One day, Sleezy Suzy saw him walking the duck,
and said, "Hey, I like your duck. Will you give it to me if we go into the
bushes and fool around?" Dirty Ernie agreed, and off they went. When they
finished, Dirty Ernie said, "Hey, if you'll give me my duck back, we can
do that again." So they fooled around in the bushes some more. Unfortu-
nately, about this time a big truck came barreling down the street. The
truck driver saw the duck in the road, and slammed on his brakes - but no
luck - he ran right over it. The driver told Dirty Ernie, "Hey kid, I'm
sorry about your duck. Here's a dollar to pay for it." Later, when Dirty
Ernie finally got home, his dad asked him how his day was. Dirty Ernie
said, "Not bad, Dad. I got a fuck for a duck, a duck for a fuck, and a
buck for a fucked-up duck."