A Cowboy Rides Into Town And Decides To Pull His Horse Up To The Local Saloon To Have A Few Drinks.

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A cowboy rides into town and decides to pull his horse up to the
local saloon to have a few drinks. The bartender sees him through the
window as the cowboy gets off his horse (that's not the joke).
The cowboy ties his horse to the hitching post in front of the bar,
walks behind the horse, lifts its tail, puckers up, and kisses the horse
where the sun don't shine. The bartender is watching this happen it total
amazement. The cowboy walks into the bar and grabs a stool at the bar.
The bartender says to the cowboy, "Hey cowboy, why did you kiss your horse
there?". The cowboy responds by saying, "I have chapped lips". The
bartender says, "I don't understand. How does kissing your horse there
help your chapped lips?". The cowboy says, "Well, at least I don't lick
them anymore!"