Old West... A Bar... All Of A Sudden, The Door Opens With A Kick, And A Cowboy In Black Enters.

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Old west... A bar... All of a sudden, the door opens with a kick, and
a cowboy in black enters... Black hat, black foulard, black shirt,
black trousers, black boots, black gloves, black belt, and a black
pair of guns...

Everyone looks at him with fearful eyes. He approaches the barman, and

"Do you have a bucket?"

Barman runs inside, finds a wooden bucket, comes back. The cowboy in
black lookes to the bucket, and orders:

"Now, bring me three bottles of whisky."

Seconds later:

"Pour them into the bucket."

And, then:

"And now, bring this to my horse outside."

The frightened and surprised barman does what the cowboy in black

He finds a horse, black as night, tied in front of the bar, completely
in black harness. It drinks all the whisky at once.

Then the barman returns back inside the bar. The cowboy very carefully
looks into the bucket, sees that nothing is left, and asks:

"What do I owe for this?"

Barman, while calculating the price, asks:

"Won't you drink anything?"

The cowboy in black replies:

"No. I don't drink and drive."