Bart: Don't Worry, Stampy. I Won't Let Homer Sell You To That Ivory Dealer.

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Bart: Don't worry, Stampy. I won't let Homer sell you to that ivory
dealer. You and I are going to run away together. We'll keep to
the back roads and make our way south. Then, if I know my
geography, it's just twelve miles to Africa. OK, bud, very
quietly: let's just sneak through --
[Stampy brushes him off and tromps off]
[walks through the Flanders' yard]
Ned: [gasps] It's the four elephants of the apocalypse!
Maude: That's horsemen, Ned.
Ned: Well, getting closer.
-- Elephants, horsemen...what's the difference?,
"Bart Gets an Elephant"