Homer: Son! You're OK. [hypnotic] And You Led Us To The Precious Ivory.

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Homer: Son! You're OK. [hypnotic] And you led us to the precious
ivory...[affable] and, of course, your lovable pet, who it's
connected to.
Bart: Dad, I can't let you sell him. Stampy and I are friends.
[Stampy beats him with his trunk] Ow! Anyway, I want him to go
to that animal refuge.
Homer: Forget it! That elephant cost me thousands of dollars.
Lisa: Dad, how would _you_ like to be sold to an ivory dealer?
Homer: I'd like it fine.
Bart: Even if he killed you and made your teeth into piano keys?
Homer: Yes, of course I would! Who wouldn't like that -- to be part of
the music scene?
-- The difference between involvement and commitment,
"Bart Gets an Elephant"