Homer: I Guess It Wouldn't Be Right To Sell Stampy After He Saved My Life.

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Homer: I guess it wouldn't be right to sell Stampy after he saved my
life. And the boy seems to have some sort of relationship with
Bart: Thanks, Dad.
Homer: On the other hand, who's to say what's right these days, what
with all our modern ideas...and products?
[Bart and Lisa look angrily at him]
All right, we'll give the stupid elephant to the stupid animal
Kids: Yay! [hug Homer]
Bart: Uh, Mom? We're stuck to Dad.
Marge: Mmm, this is just what happened at the caramel factory.
[pulls them off]
Lisa: Ow, my hair!
Homer: Mmm, caramel.
-- We don't want to know, "Bart Gets an Elephant"