Homer: Aw, Being A Clown Sucks. You Get Kicked By Kids, Bit By Dogs, And Admired By The Elderly.

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Homer: Aw, being a clown sucks. You get kicked by kids, bit by dogs,
and admired by the elderly. Who am I clowning? I have no
business being a clown! I've leaving the clowning business to
all the other clowns in the clowning business.
[a siren sounds behind him]
Aw, no.
Wiggum: [getting out of his car] Well, well, well, Velocity Boy, I'm
going to give you the biggest ticket you -- hey! Krusty!
Homer: I'm not Krusty.
Wiggum: Oh, to think I was going to give _you_ a ticket. Krusty the
Homer: [annoyed] I am _not_ Krusty!
Wiggum: Hey Krusty, Krusty, remember the time we got loaded and set
those beavers loose in that pine furniture store? [laughs] Ah,
memories. [rips ticket up] All right, you take it easy, Krusty.
[drives off]
Homer: Hey, he didn't give me a ticket! This is an intriguing
-- Intriguing, indeed, "Homer the Clown"