Homer: I'm Telling You Marge, This Will Work. They'll Think I'm Krusty And Give Us Free Stuff.

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Homer: I'm telling you Marge, this will work. They'll think I'm
Krusty and give us free stuff. I've been getting free stuff
all day! Look at this swell bucket of house paint. [holds
one up] Look at it!
Marge: I'm not saying it won't work, I'm just saying it's dishonest.
Homer: Well if we agree, then why are we arguing?
[they walk into the restaurant]
Luigi: Hey, Krusty! Hey, ooh, beautiful date-a tonight, huh? And
such-a lovely children you have-a now.
Bart: I'm more striking than lovely.
Luigi: You come-a with me -- come-a with Luigi! You don't want to
sit with the rest of these-a scum.
Everyone: Hey! What do you call that? etc.
Luigi: I only-a consider you scum compared-a to Krusty.
Everyone: Ah! Oh, well, right. I can see that, etc.
Luigi: Yeah, you see how you scum.
-- Homer (er, Krusty) takes the family for dinner,
"Homer the Clown"