Moe: Sorry, Grampa, But I Gotta Stash Ya In The Bathroom So Betty Won't Get Wise To Us.

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Moe: Sorry, Grampa, but I gotta stash ya in the bathroom so Betty
won't get wise to us. [sets Grampa up between two urinals,
and plugs him in]
Grampa: This is not the evening I envisioned.
Moe: Oh, jeez, she just got here. Gimme some advice, quick!
Grampa: What the...? You know, just be sweet, pour on the honey, you
Moe: Yeah, yeah, yeah, romantic. Ain't sunshine pretty, ain't
flowers stupid, I got you. [heads out to meet Betty]
Grampa: [sighs] I've suffered so long, why can't I die?
-- You? Think of how the audience suffered,
"The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase"